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The summeration of one's career
Masters thesis paper, an investigation of the possibility of implementing the invoice process in SharePoint 2007 with Workflow Foundation.
"Processtöd för elektronisk fakturahantering i SharePoint 2007"


A Swedish site for exchanging small items such as movies & games.
A Swedish site for searching all used car ad's on the web.


An application to view and manage Service Bus messages, currently working with NServiceBus and MSMQ.
CRM Configuration Manager is a tool for managing Microsoft Dynamics CRM configurations.
An add-in to CRM Configuration Manager that makes it possible to export all configuration to a readable Microsoft Word document.
WinControl was an advance HotKey/Macro application, currently discontinued.


A flexible backup system with a friendly user interface.
Supports Amazon S3, Microsoft SkyDrive, FTP, WebDav, CloudFiles, Tahoe-LAFS, Google Docs and local/network folders...
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